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FDP Conference The Frontiers in Development Policy Conference 2022

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  • Date2022.01.03
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Korea Development Institute School of Public Policy and Management (KDI School) is delighted to invite policymakers, professors, and experts to submit papers related to the field of development cooperation.

Establishment and implementation of development policies could pose various issues and challenges during its policymaking process. It is typical for a policymaker to go through complex problems and obstacles which are often closely interlinked. Thus, successful policymaking requires a solid awareness of specific issues with combination of full understanding of how they interact with each other. Moreover, the ability to design and formulate an effective development strategy must be complemented with the implementation capacity.

The first FDP Conference was launched in 2020 to provide an in-depth discussion on the issues of global development policies by experts and specialists from leading international development institutes. FDP Conferences aim to share empirical and policy research findings on development policy in the context of development cooperation. It will provide a platform not only to explore the complex processes of the global economic market but also to debate policies and actions towards designing and executing high-quality development policies.